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Data Collection QNT/351 July 8, 2013 William Buck Data Collection BIMS has undertaken an integrative study to gain a better understanding of the root cause of the employee turnover problem at the company. In the first study the process was plagued by data coding, entry problems, and problems with the construction of the questionnaire. This compromised the data integrity and yielded disappointing results. However, the quantitative analysis of the data from the first study also provided some useful lessons, which prepared the organization to undertake a more concrete quantitative analysis in a subsequent study. Debbie Horner, the HR manager of BIMS conducted an employee survey as an instrument of measure to determine possible reasons for the high employee turnover rate. “BIMS typically experiences an annual turnover rate of 55-60%” (Ballard, 2012, p.12), which is common for this industry. However, recently BIMS had an increase in that turnover, reaching 64%, which brought cause for the survey. This survey included questions about “working conditions, shift hours, quality of training, level of compensation, fair treatment, internal company communications, and job security” (Ballard, 2012). Demographics were also obtained in an effort to be able to divide the results by division. The data collected within the survey instrument is considered qualitative. It is qualitative because it cannot be measured in a natural numerical scale, and it is likely individuals will fall into categories. The questions in one survey form can be answered in paragraph form, but would not provide the company with the statistical data sought. In order to obtain this statistical data that is being sought after, the survey is posed in a question form that asked the surveyed to rate the question on a scale from one to five, having one represent very

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