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Data Collection: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc QNT/351 Data Collection: Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc Data collection has become essential in today’s business world. The information collected can help solve management issues and initiate the critical thinking abilities. “Data collection can result from a published source, designed experiment, a survey, or collected observationally” (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011, pg. 14). In this analysis, the issues facing Ballard Integrated Managed Services (BIMS) needs evaluating. Defining the data, the data instruments, and the levels of measurement is essential in determining the root cause of BIMS’s low morale. The end of the analysis will indicate if the data collected from the survey can accurately address the management’s questions and concerns. Overview The management dilemma facing BIMS, Inc. is a morale problem at the Douglas Medical Center (DMC) operation. This morale issue has become evident through the decreased employee productivity, high employee turnover, increased sick time use, and poor work quality (University of Phoenix, 2012). It is imperative for BIMS senior management to understand why these negative changes are occurring. Once the management team understands the reason for the low morale; they can determine how to correct the issues within the company and their employees. “One of the most difficult steps in decision-making process is the translation of the managerial question into statistical terms” (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011, pg. 21). To conduct an effective survey that will answer the key question of why the company moral is so low, research questions need defining and the formation of a hypothesis must occur. In regard to the BIMS morale problem, the key research questions are • Why is there an increase use sick time? • Why has employee productivity

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