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Tax returns filed with the IRS are one primary method for collecting data and connected to wage discrimination. This would give a great number of viable information for filers to cover a great number of people and information. Also take into account the different types of categories of employment. This is controlled and not unethical. This information is public and controlled and can release many sources of information for completing the survey information. Another source for primary information is with the direct companies, the collected data would associate to the direct industry and geographical location. Wage discrimination would have ethical issues as to the unauthorized public release of information and the invasion of the employee’s privacy. This can hurt the company or the out-sourcing surveyor they used to obtain the wages of the employees. Suits could be filed and have financial or public repercussions. Salary in general is a touch subject with people. There are many reasons for the wages not to be released as it can hinder working relationships among peers and managers. In order for this survey to be conducted, it would require permission from the participants and has to be controlled. This data collection would be performed in the quantitative measure. They would have to ensure the data is inclusive, accurate and fitting for the needs of the survey. Qualitative measure would not fit for the data collected. Employee’s interviews would have to be performed and that would require permission form each one. This would not guarantee an accurate survey, as some employees may increase their salary to make themselves look good and this would have a negative effect on the data collection. This would not also be controlled. Another primary source of data collection would be from applications made for mortgages and credit cards and loans and

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