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Data Collection Paper Samuel Claxton RES/341 March 26, 2011 Rick Benito Data Collection Paper Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, prohibits discrimination in workplace decisions based on an employee or applicant’s Race, Color, Gender, National Origin, and Religion. Yet here it is2011 and many are still facing gender inequity in the form of wages between men and women. Previous data files demonstrated that this injustice in wages was not just witnessed on a small scale. This gender disparity in wages is being demonstrated in many studies conducted by various labor markets. The peer-review article chosen applies to the research topic in the sense that it will lend some more information on the subject of the effect of a college degree on wages. The article will also show the different experience of men and women in the workforce. It appears that the effects of earning a college degree is more pronounce for women than for men in most states. Let us take a state like Wyoming when looking at the research topic at hand. “Female community college graduates earn 18.9 percent less than women with a University of Wyoming (UW) Bachelor’s degree and 12.9 percent more than women with no known college degree. Alternatively, men with no know college education earn 4.2 percent less than men with a UW Bachelor’s degree.” This information was acquired from previous graduate student from the University of Wyoming. The population which these numbers was compiled stem from all students who received Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wyoming from 1996 through 2000. The sample size was appropriate for this research base on its validity and the reliability of the data. Receiving the data directly from previous graduates still in the state’s workforce is

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