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DATA ANALYSYS AND DECISION MODELLING Multiple Regressions Submitted by Aleesha Student ID 12637390 Submitted to Paul Darwen Subject Code CO5124 James Cook University Brisbane QLD Australia Table of Contents * Abstract 3 * Introduction 3 * Data 3 Variable Names 4 * Regression Model 4 VIF (Variance inflation Factor) 5 Residual are normally distributed 6 Multiple regressions Model 7 R Square 7 Adjusted R Square 7 Anova 9 Confidence Interval 9 * Conclusion 10 * References 10 Abstract: Regression Analysis is statistical procedure of determining relationship between different variable. It helps to analyze the effect independent variable on dependent variable. The performance of Regression Analysis depends on the data we use for prediction. This report is to determine if the past data can be used to predict the future change in share price. Here, in this report we used data of share prices of URBN Outfitters Inc. to find out the future value of shares with Regression Analysis method. We use future change as dependent variable on Y axis and other values as independent variables on x axis. With the help of Regression Analysis we found out that the past values are helpful to find out the future change in share prices. Introduction: In today’s era investment in share market is very different than it was few decades ago. Share prices changes every moment. They are not stable; they can go very high or can fall very low suddenly. That’s the reason that shareholder analyses each aspect that can affect the share price in future, which helps them to make their decision of investment. Here we are considering the share of URBN Outfitters Inc. who deals in variety of lifestyle merchandise and having stores in so many countries like United States, Canada, Europe and having internet

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