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RIT Dubai DATA ANALYSIS-I : Assignment-1 Due by January 13, 2012. Q1. Which of the following is not true of Statistics 1. Statistics is used to answer Questions with 100% certainty 2. Statistics involves collecting and summarizing Data 3. Statistics can be used to organize and analyze information 4. Statistics is used to draw conclusions using data Q2. A manufacturer of cellular phones has decided that an assembly line is operating satisfactorily if 0.02% of the phones produced per day are defective. To check the quality of a day’s production, the company decides to randomly sample 40 phones from a day’s production to test for defects. Define the population of interest to the manufacturer. 1. All the phones produced during the day in question 2. The 40 phones sampled and tested 3. The 40 phones: defective or not defective 4. The 0.02% of the phones that are defective Q3. Which branch of statistics deals with the organization and summarization of data? 1. Computational statistics 2. Inferential statistics 3. Descriptive statistics 4. Survey design Q4. Distinguish between discrete and continuous variables a. The number of bottles of juice sold in a cafeteria during lunch a. Discrete b. Continuous b. The weight of a player on the wrestling team a. Discrete b. Continuous c. The cholesterol level of a group of adults checked after the Thanksgiving day a. Discrete b. Continuous d. The low temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on January 1st in Rochester , New York a. Discrete b. Continuous e. The number of goals scored in a hockey game a. Discrete b. Continuous f. The speed of a vehicle on a state highway during rush

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