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Barbara Tucker has felt that the morale of the employees she works with is lower than usual. She has noticed that the turnover rate is higher than usual but cannot seem to figure out why. The average percent for turnover is between fifty five and sixty percent but over the past four months it has reached sixty four percent. The problem they have is not finding people to fill the vacant spots but the money that they keep spending on training to replace the people. Purpose The purpose of the survey is to get an overview of how the employees felt and see what can be improved. The survey was sent out with payroll so they knew everyone had been given one. Only 78 of the surveys came back. This gave us a sample size to work with and see how the employees felt. Research Questions The questions asked in the survey were very basic. They asked if you liked your job, how many times you were late and if the pay is adequate for the job you are performing. These questions are good at seeing if the company has a problem and needs to change to help their employees. However, there should be a spot somewhere to have the employee voice their opinions. Hypothesis The survey answers are scattered around. Some of the employees like working for BIMS and others do not and some feel like they have job security where others do not. From the numbers, it seems that the newer the person, the lower the

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