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Quality data collection is very crucial in the health care industry. In order for the implementation of quality improvement to proceed, quality data must be gathered to use and measure performance. St. Vincent’s Health Care is a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida under the Ascension Health network. They believe in the power of hope, healing and new beginnings to the community. Nevertheless, they must devise a QI plan that fits their needs by choosing data collection tools in areas in need of potential improvement. This analysis will review the several areas of improvement, monitoring of data analysis, types of tools used to collect the data, resourceful tools in displaying the data, and the importance of these tools in personal health information. St. Vincent’s Health Care is an industry selected to be followed and like health care organizations they need to have a continuous quality improvement (CQI) plan in place to meet and exceed the expectation of the stakeholders that includes the public they serve, the board of trustees, administration, physicians, employees, and vendors. St. Vincent’s serves inpatient, outpatient, and outreach clinics. They have a 24-hour emergency department with a no waiting ER; allowing patients to check-in online at home and coming to the ER when it is time to be seen. It beats the frustrations of waiting in the ER and cutting down the wait time. This brings on challenges as well as many QI potentials. According to Dlugacz (2006) “In health care, planning involves collecting information and analyzing current processes, identifying gaps in care, establishing improvements, and monitoring their effectiveness” (p. 75). Quality measurements fall into one of four main groups: patient satisfaction, financial performance, clinical quality, and functional status (Ransom, Joshi, Nash, & Ransom, 2008). This analysis on PH will focus on

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