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Final Project: Dashboard Proposal Donald Howard G00021212 April 18, 2014 Abstract Performance controlling is one of the crucial aspects for Howard Wholesale Sports Equipment’s (HWSE) management team due to number of competitors popping up on daily basis. The sports equipment business is ever changing with new products and technology which can place additional unwanted stress on managers. The management team can greatly benefit from a performance dashboard to translate the company’s strategy into objectives, metrics, initiatives, and tasks customized to each group and individual in the organization. Agents . HWSE is a large company that consists of numerous departments; we need to make all of them cooperate to increase whole company's general efficiency and performance as we continue to expand globally. As we become a worldwide company, each department might be thousands miles apart and will create new challenges of management but a performance dashboard can concentrate and focus global performance management from one location. The dashboard should be viewed as a performance management system to give our company strategic objectives and allow managers to measure and monitor key activities and processes as we evolve to reach goals. The performance dashboard will give us ability to monitor critical processes via preconceived metrics and data which in turn can prompt alerts of potential performance gaps. The gathered data from the dashboard will allow more accurate root cause analysis thru use of relevant and readily available data. The overall all objective of the performance dash board will be more efficient management of people, resources and processes with improved decisions, optimal performance and the company growing exponentially. The first step my team will take is completing a full-scope evaluation which consists of four separate types of

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