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Dash Diet Minerals that are needed in your diet are easy to find as long as you know where to look for them. Sodium might be one of the easiest, and well known ones to find, but also one of the most enjoyed, which is becoming a concern that high intakes of sodium may have harmful health effects. Table salt is the primary source of sodium. About 80% of the sodium we consume is added during food manufacturing and food preparation at restaurants. Sodium added while cooking at home provides about 10% of our intake, and naturally occurring sodium in foods provides the remaining 10%. As an athlete with a busy schedule, I can find sodium in things such as hard pretzels, peanut butter, and saltine crackers. Chloride is also consumed as salt added to foods. Potassium, although it preforms many of the same functions as sodium, it’s intake is associated with lower, rather than higher, blood pressure values. Not having enough potassium can cause muscle cramps, confusion, and loss of appetite. Unprocessed foods are some of the best sources of potassium, including fruits, vegetables, milk, whole grains, potatoes, meats, and orange juice. Phosphorus is found in many commonly consumed foods. Many animal products and protein-rich foods are good sources of phosphorus. A deficiency in phosphorus is rare because of the diversity of foods that are considered rich sources. Easy, ready to go sources for some could be almonds, plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and sunflower seeds. Magnesium in the body has major functions such as bone formation and it aids nerve and heart function. Having a deficiency of magnesium can cause an irregular heartbeat, muscle pain and seizures. Sources of magnesium are plant products such as squash, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and broccoli. Sulfur is a major mineral found in many important compounds in the body. Proteins supply the

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