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EDUCATION TWG Mutually agreed “Outcomes” and “Outputs” between Technical Committee of MOE and UN Co-Chairs on June 28, 2008 Final version of post 17-18 June 2008 Workshop Summary Objectively Verifiable Indicator JP AREA 1: PRE- and ELEMENTARY EDUCATION UNDAF outcome(Goal/ long term Outcome): Universal, free and compulsory quality basic education for all children, especially girls. Joint Programming Outcomes (Intermediate Outcome) JP Outcome 1: Sustained policy commitment to education reforms and increased budgetary allocations and expenditures for ECE, (Improved/ strengthened Kachi), universal and free compulsory education by 2015 and up to class 10 by 2025 (in accordance with draft National Education Policy 2008). Indicator(s): Approval and enforcement of New Education Policy (with ECE and free and compulsory elementary education) by Cabinet/Parliament Budgetary allocations and expenditures (as % of GDP) to/in primary & middle education and ECE with special 1 emphasis on girls, marginalized groups and refugees where applicable. Relevant policy documents in place # of favorable statements and announcements by the policy makers emphasizing on inclusive education policy and implementation. No of districts and provinces where EFA units established. Number of meetings of EFA forums held in a year. Number of schools in UN Districts/UPE districts where ECE classes have been initiated and strengthened Target: By end 2009 Means of Verification Critical Assumptions By 20% increase over the baseline Interim and final achievement report to be prepared by federal and provincial governments (Cross cutting) Progress report The Government will continue to accord due priority to education No economic crisis; No natural disaster (The 3 assumptions above cut across all outcomes) Outputs: 1. Policy, Reforms and Initiatives in Education for ECE and free

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