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Mathematical Butterfly This butterfly has been designed using a variety of different concepts of mathematics including shapes, tessellation, symmetry, numbers, congruent shapes, etc. The butterfly’s wings are clearly symmetrical when halved vertically in the centre. It is filled with different patterns with some also being a form of Tessellation. In F9, F10, E9, and E10, the abdomen has diamonds forming a pattern (tessellation). Symmetrical shapes are created through the flip, turn and slide methods which create a number of different patterns such as: * In C11, No. 9 has been turned to six in C12, then it is flipped to B12 and turned in B11, forming a pattern, this is also replicated in I11, I12, H12 and H11. * B10 includes a triangle which is flipped in C10 and as a result it creates a diamond pattern, also in H10 and I10. There are also mathematical signs on the butterfly: * On C7, C6, and H6, H7 there is a multiplication and division sign. * Between both B4, B5, C4, C5 and H4, H5, I4, I5, there are two multiplication signs. There are a number of shapes which are congruent, meaning that it is the same shape but different size: * In B6, B7 and I6, I7 there are four circles which are clearly congruent (the circle in B6 is smaller than the one in B7, but same size, the same goes for the other two circles). * In E7, 8, 9, 10 and F7, 8, 9, 10, there are two cylinders, which are clearly congruent. There are many different types of shapes such as diamonds, pentagons, triangles, circles, ovals, semicircles, and kites: * In and around C5 and H5, there are two kites with the multiplication sign in the centre. * In B10, B11 and H10, I11 there are four triangles (also in the shape of two diamonds) * In B8 and I8, there are two semicircles, which are also symmetrical. * In D9 and G9, there are two right angled triangles.

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