Daryl the General Supervisor

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DARYL the GENERAL SUPERVISOR of MARKETING DEPARTMENT 1 Daryl the General Supervisor Nikki H. Johnson Everest University Online Introduction to Business-136 Angela Scott 10/23/12 DARYL the GENERAL SUPERVISOR of MARKETING DEPARTMENT 2 Daryl the General Supervisor Identify what you consider to be potentially unethical. Why do you think it is not ethical? I think it is unethical for Daryl, to use company time, resources and staff to fulfill His obligations to his book. He is using the secretary, interns to do his research and type his Personal work. The secretary is also for two other supervisors, and the interns are there to learn The job required of them. Many people fall into this loop hole, thinking it is alright to use company sources, (long distance phone calls, on company phone, taking supplies from the Building, etc.) But really it is unethical, because in the back of his mind he knows it is wrong. He knows he is taking advantages of the situation, and until someone speaks up he will Continue to do this. Ethics, standards of moral behaviors, that is, behavior accepted by society as right versus Wrong. (Understanding Business, pg.91). I think I would go to the boss, but first I need to think of the three ethical questions, (1). Is my proposed action legal? Am I violating any law or company policy? (2). Is it balanced? Am I acting fairly? Would I want to be treated this way? Will I win everything at the expense of? another? (3). How will it make me feel about myself? (Understanding Business, pg. 93-94). In My mind I don’t think its legal, I have the company’s best interest at heart. I am Thinking that I would feel he is using sources and company money to better himself. And I am Not violating company policy, because I am going to our boss. Yes, I feel it is
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