Darwin's Theory Essay

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Darwin’s Theory Charles Darwin was born in 1809 into a moderately wealthy family in Shrewsbury, England. He attended University in Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of 16 with hopes to become a doctor. He subsequently dropped out by the brutality of surgery being performed without anesthesia. (Darwin Natural Selection, 1998-2013, Dennis O’Neil) He later enrolled in Christ’s College Cambridge in 1828 to pursue an ordinary degree; he became very interested in the scientific ideas of a geologist Adam Sedgwick and a naturalist name John Henslow. Early in his life, he rejected the concept of biological evolution, even thought he was exposed to the ideas about evolution while attending Edinburg. (Darwin Natural Selection, 1998-2013, Dennis O’Neil) After graduation he traveled the world for five years documenting geology, on the Galàpagos Island is when he first identified 13 species of finches but was puzzled since he knew of only one species. The finches were different in beak size and shape; the beaks were associated with diets based on different foods. Darwin concluded the finches over many generations changed anatomically in ways allowing them to get enough food and survive to reproduce, “Survival of the fittest.” Individuals with low levels of fitness die and do not reproduce and those with high levels of fitness survive and reproduce successfully and the weaker die off. (Darwin Natural Selection, 1998-2013, Dennis O’Neil) Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is a complex and abstract theory. It states that “evolutionary change comes through the production of variation in each generation and differential survival of individuals with different combinations of these variable characters. Individuals with characteristics which increase their probability of survival will have more opportunities to reproduce and their offspring will also
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