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Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. He discovered the meaning of evolution by natural selection. It all began when he was invited on a journey on the HMS Beagle. The journey on discovering evolution took five years. He surveyed the coast of South America. He even surveyed the Galapagos Island where he observed animals, plants, and geology. Darwin at the beginning of the journey he was not to experienced but afterwards he became a professional analytical thinker who increasingly found patterns in what he saw. He started analyzing some animals like the tortoise in the Galapagos. He started to figure out why there was so many different species, and he came to a conclusion that it was because of the type of environment that surrounded them. Daises in the Galapagos were as big as trees since they had plenty of sunshine and little competition. Darwin was never tired of studying the details of the natural world. He then became interested in how many different species may be related to one another. His role model and mentor was Reverend J. S. Henslow he was a big part of his life since he motivated him and taught Darwin what he knows. Since he was a kid he was always fascinated by beetles he would collect them as a scientific hobby. Darwin discovered 400,000 different species of the beetles. Charles Darwin was the first to discover the process of evolution. A method he used was by comparing fossils to living animals. He said that evolution was connected with struggle and survival. Also that more are born than can survive. In the late summer of 1842 Darwin felt ready to commit an outline of his theory to paper. He wrote more than 16 books ranging from climbing plants to earthworms and innumerable papers. After Darwin’s death the theory of evolution was accepted by

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