Darling Chocolate Essay

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Inga Bekareva MKT 9739 Darling Chocolate Case Assignment ISSUES: * How to compete with local chocolate factories that have strong presence in Saint-Petersburg * How to change consumers’ perception about foreign products and make them more favorable than domestic ones * How to price the product appripriately to take advantage of rising income not to alienate consumers that cannot afford certain prices * How to choose proper media vehicle to reach larger potential target * How to sell your product in different cultural environment * How to work with political climate/restrictions in Russia * How to grow large share of foreign market and attract more consumers Question: Was there any target markets darling chocolate entered that were similar to Russia? Why enter country where chocolate market is mature? 1. What characteristics (market/Consumer) of the St Petersburg confectionary market do you feel are the most important to consider for the introduction of new chocolate products? * Rising income environment * Overall large population * Desire to spend money on new types of foods that were not available before * Close proximity to Europe * Purchasing chocolate as gifts and “thank you” gestures on various occasions * High consumption of chocolate and confectionary products 2. Analyze, the local market and competitive situation and address the following: a. Recommend which Darling products should be the first ones to enter the St. Petersburg with? Enter market with first Milk chocolate then Milk chocolate with various flavors and fillings (nuts, caramel, etc.) Then dark chocolate b. Provide the reasons for your recommendation? * Russians like milk chocolate taste * A lot of deserts are made with the use of milk (vatrushki, sirniki, etc.), so Russians are used to milk as

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