Darkness Lurking: Fear of Inner Dark Impulses –Fear of Social/Mores Essay

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Darkness Lurking: Fear of inner dark impulses –fear of social/mores Fear of darker impulses is supremely contrasted within these three of texts which are Alien 1974 the movie, The T.V Program Dexter and The picture of Dorian Gray. In Alien the protagonist Ripley ventures into a part of herself that is dark and gloomy discovering her darker impulses without realizing she has a gun and is on a hunt to kill, before this she was a quiet crew member that seemed humble yet with opinions that then seemed to be useful when all the crew members failed to defend themselves got them killed by the Alien, this is showing of the Darkness that didn’t get to surpass to them failing this led to their death. Ripley stepped out of “goodness” into the impulses leading her to hunt, kill and destroy this Alien all relating back to FEAR. Fear had driven her to accomplish the work which also in reality wouldn’t be done and that’s overcoming fear, it’s shown what fear makes us do and how it changes our actions and values. This interpretation also works in the way that the super ego wants to control the urges of the id much like how the company aimed to keep the alien and use it for its own devices and research. The demands of the super ego contradict the demands of the id just as the survival instincts of the alien contradicted the company’s desire to control it although all this is focused on power and freedom to do what you like its either adapt or be left behind to die. Dorian Gray goes through fears of both darker impulses and the fear of social/mores; the Victorian society implicated the actions that he had taken, it was natural and common for someone to take against something that’s not to be done, the repression on the society around Dorian drew him to his darkness it changed him mentally causing him to do actions leading to killing people, also led to his horrific death by his

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