Darkness in the heart of darkness Essay

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Eva Petkoff. ‘The darkness in the heart of darkness’ Joseph Conrad wants to show us the real life that they were living at that time. As he show us the confused life that Kurtz was living depending by the money and the power, and he didn’t realize what he was doing because he was taking by the power and the darkness. He uses the metaphor the darkness and giving to it the power to change and to give characteristics to the things that happened at that times. The darkness explains the cruel events that were happening at that time. The darkness took place and gave characteristics to living and non-living things. In the begin of the story it stars showing the darkness and the confusion about the job that Marlow was taking. “the building was at the end of a narrow and deserted street.(Page 9) “ later , deep in the jungle, I often thought of her , guarding the door of darkness ,knitting black wool as if for warm burial clothes(page 10).Since the beginning of the book Marlow felt the darkness. The places where the book takes place seem to be in darkness even though the sun was shining. Also the darkness means the difficulty to see clearly the things, and the facility to hide the business that people were doing. Also the darkness doesn’t allow people know themselves , where they were ,what were they doing, and how they were treating the others, so that makes them a cruel people. The escases of people facilitates the sense darkness. In the book he starts showing a dead environment. “the thing looked as dead as the carcass of some animal. I came upon more pieces of decaying machinery”. “A heavy and dull explosion shook the ground”(pag 15). That quotes introduce or facilities the sense of darkness . Kurtz living in the jungle without a lot of people lost the use of common sense, and the knowledge to

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