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Darkness We all decided that we should try it. I mean, why not? Sure going into a horror maize in the pitch black sounds like fun. Why not? So we made our way to the place where it would all begin. A place called “Nightmare”. Just by hearing that name you want to run away, but then you’re the “Chicken”. In my group there were about 7 people, 3 guys and 4 girls. Only 5 of us dared to go inside the dark room full of horror. So we paid our tickets, held hands, and entered the labyrinth. The goal was survive the maize without giving ourselves up in the darkness. Sounds kind of easy right? Well allow me to explain how it wasn’t. The first realisation that we all had was that the minute we entered the black hole was that we couldn’t see. Now, when I say we couldn’t see, I one hundred percent mean that we couldn’t see. Our eyes kept searching even for the dimmest light to at least help guide us through the maize but we were unfortunate. We couldn’t even see the person who was right in front of us and they were mere centimetres away from our faces. We had lost one of our senses. Moving further into the labyrinth proved that without sight, even the most normal things that a person could do, such as walking, became a challenge. I was constantly tripping over myself and my friends. I could feel my own hand gripping harder onto my friends hands, as we moved deeper in. Through the black, narrow corridors, touch became the only thing you could trust. Holding onto my friends hands became a top priority, because if you let go, you were lost forever. I knew my other friends felt the same way since our hands were becoming numb from holding on for so long. We were told that we would encounter things. And when I say “things” I mean actual people attacking us in the dark. Okay, well not exactly attacking, but like trying to spook us out by making scary noises. It’s not

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