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Darkness Lord Byron talked about his imagined end of the world in the poem the Darkness. Poetic devices that are used Blank verse, Caesura, alliteration, anaphora, assonance, consonance, end- stopped rhyme, image, apostrophe, personification, Phonemic Some examples 1. Enjambment Immediate and inglorious; and pang Of famine ded upon all entrail- men Dead. 2. Consonance Rayless, and pathless (line 4), Their chins upon their clenched hands, and smiled; (p128) Their funeral piles with fuel, and look’d up (128) 3. Caesura a lot on page 128- line 3 and 4 4. Anaphora Morn came and went 5. Alliteration Blind and blackening, Of famine fed, The populous and the powerful… 6. Personification Darkness had no need/ Of aid from them- She was the Universe 7. Oxymoron A fearful hope 8. Assonance With blood, and each sate sullenly apart. Image Primary image: fire- fire in the darkness, burnt, blazing, consumed, dying ember… Language: Diction, syntax. Interpretations 1. Pace of the poem Slow- fast- slow “Prayer for light”--- Everything was set on fire (Caesura) --- “dying embers” and “feeble ashes” Form of poem is similar to meaning of the poem and the status of fire. 2. The reference of the poem The meaningless of people fight against each others for power. P128 line 4-6 Beacons (a signal fire)- light acting as signal metaphor for power- Palaces, crowns (symbol of power) are destroyed P128 last 20 lines Birds wings become useless, viper crawled, wildest brutes tamed. P129 middle “the populous and the powerful was a lump” Poem’s main point: In front of nature, people’s power is feeble. (similar to the theme of Ozymandias) 3. Tenet of Romanticism a. cannot be understood through pure reason b. Nature is seen as a catalyst for deep revelations of truth c. An emphasis on transcending the actual material world to find the

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