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Unknown Darkness To write about things nobody likes to talk about or even mention in real life makes Nathaniel Hawthorne a great poet and a famous one at that. Hawthorne wrote so much about the American Colonies and how they lived their lives, he captured the smallest details of that time. Imagine being a writer in those times trying to find things to write about, in some of his poems you can see what a morbid mind he had, and it’s possibly due to his environment. Some of his Ancestors were direct descendants of Puritan judges. Which might have influenced his all famous “Scarlet Letter” and “The Minister’s Black Veil”, both these poems evoke each readers own personal judgments on human nature. His early ancestors were judges at the Salem Witch Trials; his family was known for this history which confused Hawthorne and what he thought of his family. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. He grew up with his mom and two sisters; his father was a sea captain and passed away when Nathaniel was only 4 years old. He spent his time mostly in Maine and Salem and attended Bowdoin College. There, he attended classes with poets and future presidents. Hawthorne graduated in 1825, he returned to Salem to live in his mother’s household spending many years there. He described those times as “dreamlike” and “solitude, spent in a haunted chamber”. This is the place that inspired his style of writings, he learned to write parables and stories and draw images that have yet to be matched by any other poet. He was never alone or isolated, he loved to be around other people. He credits his writings as lost years like he never returned to Salem, this explains that his writings were not unique at these times he did spend in Salem. Hawthorne’s style of writings makes you feel like you were actually in the Puritan times, in the times of religious persecutions,

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