Darkness Essay

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Darkness. My aching eyes masked by a single piece of prickly fabric. Encircled by a strange yet familiar smell. My stiff arms were immovable, as were my numb legs as I sat upright in a supposed chair where I was wrapped up in more itchy material. I could hear faint footsteps of squeaky shoes echoing from the far corner of what seemed to be a room I was entrapped in. Paper was been shuffled and crunched. I detected urgency in this person’s hastened actions as the footsteps approached, getting louder with each step. I have definitely most positively been kidnapped. I am sure of it. There was a loud ‘click’ as the pace of my kidnapper slowed down to a stop, which I presumed was a few good metres away from my captivity. I felt my bare toes move on the soft pavement below me, where my feet were also bound. I felt my heart beat accelerate as I felt there was no escape from my current situation. My family. Where was my family? I don’t even remember how I got here. Was I silently kidnapped during my sleep? Did I get knocked out without realising? What did they even want with me? Unexpectedly, I heard the steady pace of heavy breathing right alongside my head, which was throbbing from undeniable fear. “Mr Peirce?” I took a swift intake of breathe, holding it as I felt this man’s warm breath on my ear as he whispered rough and gruffly. “Y-yes?” I stuttered as I managed to draw some words through my fearful and assumed thoughts of who this intimidating man could possibly be. I heard the man circle me slowly as he chuckled lightly, detecting a hint of amusement and pity. “Do you know why you’re here, Mr Peirce?” I heard him coarsely whisper into my other ear. The way he spoke my name had an edge to it giving a sense of eeriness. My chair that I was strapped to was abruptly jolted from underneath me, catching me by surprise as I let loose a loud huff leading to my

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