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A Dark And Stormy Night Essay

  • Submitted by: MeMyselfAndI
  • on March 9, 2008
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“And so during specially stormy nights the terrible ghost can be seen creeping around with a torch looking for the descendant of his enemy and have his blood as revenge”,
“Come on children, time for bed now!” mum’s grumpy voice echoed through the still and dark room, only lit by one old and rusty oil lamp. Three young faces slowly turned round as if awaking from a long trance. The three brothers stood up. “Very good night granddad, sleep well and see you tomorrow, after relaxing dreams “ they all chanted together. Their mum had told a million times to be kind with granddad Joe as he only came to visit for about a week each year and she nearly made them learn each word by heart.   Granddad Joe grinned broadly and happily said   “ Goodnight children and see you tomorrow”. The children walked into the kitchen. “Night mum.” Said George, the eldest son, as he lifted his hand to signal goodbye. “Bye mum.” said the twins. “Night Alex, night Mike.” Replied mum. Once they were all out of the room they stopped and looked at each other. “Race you up!” shouted George. The bathroom was very small and only had one sink so only one person could use it at a time. “Oh, come on.” Replied Alex. “You’re the fastest, you always win.” Added Mike. Too late. George started up the stairs. The twins followed him. As usual, George reached the bathroom first and locked himself inside. The twins waited outside to be able to brush their teeth, get changed into their pajamas and get ready to go to bed and sleep. Finally George emerged from the bathroom in his pajamas. Mike went in next and he too closed the door. George waited next to Alex. “Why are you not going to bed, you’re ready.” Asked Alex. “Well… I’ll just wait for Mike here with you.” replied George. “Oh, I see …you’re scared.” Said Alex in a babyish voice that was so odious to George. “No I am not.” Snapped George. “Ye-es, you are too scared to go up to your room all by yourself. Oh, poor little Georgie thinks that there are ugly...

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