Dark Romantism Essay

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Dark Romanticism Dark romanticism is a literary subgenre. Darkness and death are two elements that are explored through the two dark romantic texts of the poem raven and short story the black cat both written by Edgar Allen Poe. In the raven, Poe successfully portrays death by reuniting his physiological and aesthetic ideas. In this psychological poem the young narrator is mourning over the untimely death by his beloved Lenore. Poe chose a raven as the central symbol in the poem because the creature is "non-reasoning" and capable of speech. In the poem the narrator transforms the bird into both an instrument of self-torture and a symbol of his personal mourning. Poe gives the raven human characteristics of speech. This is an example of personification. The bird’s darkness matches the morbid and depressing tone of the poem and represents lost love and death and symbolizes "Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance. The beginning of this poem largely highlights the elements of darkness and death as Poe describes the atmosphere by employing techniques such as metaphors, alliteration and the use of ironic words to create symbolism. The phrase ‘Midnight dreary’ suggests that it is a dark, cold and wet night and midnight is also related to evil so this indicates that there is evil activity that is about to happen. ‘Bleak December’ symbolizes the lifeless month due to the season of winter which represents death. The metaphor ‘each separate dying ember, wrought its ghost upon the floor’ is used contribute to the mood. Poe uses personification, giving the ‘embers’ human characteristics of becoming ghosts when they die. These techniques contribute to the frightening and dark mood that is set at the beginning of the poem. Repetition is a technique used to create both darkness and death. In ‘the raven’ Poe uses Repetition to create symbolism. The constant mention of the
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