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Dark Passage (1947) Directed by:Delmer Daves Starring:Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall What's the best way to hide someone's face? Put us behind their eyes! First-person narration is actually quite rare in today motion pictures, but it invites the audience into the mind of the main character. That is what you get right out of the gate with “Dark Passage”(1947). The thoughts of an escape convict places us in the the front seat of a thrilling attempt for freedom as soon as the introduction credits disappear from the eyes of the audience. The film has a great style, as it offers a view of the San Francisco of the 1940s in ways that hadn't been seen before. The very first image we get from the film is a guard walking back and forth at what looks to be a prison at first sight. Broad daylight. A man escapes San Quentin prison in a barrel and rolls down a hill. The spinning of the barrel in the first-person perspective gives a different experience into the situation of the character. What is very unique about the how the story begins is actually the narration of the beginning of the film. We as an audience begin to receive the set-up of the scene from the main characters thoughts. We can tell that the escape was not planned at all but the wit and intuition of the main character, which at this point in the movie is actually the viewer, is going to escape. Given that it is broad daylight in a remote area, it should make it impossible for anyone to escape a correctional institution without being recognized which gives the film sudden suspense within the first three minutes. Isolation of our particular individual is in inevitable due to being an escaped convict.the theme from. Good fortune is rare , anUnaware of the escape minutes prior to him driving by, a random citizen picks up our escapee and is willing to give him a ride to his desired

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