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Richard E. Miller, an English professor, is the author of “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Miller strives not only to educate his students in matters pertaining to English but also makes a great effort to teach others to speak in ways others can hear. In “The Dark Night of the Soul,” Miller presents many inquiries regarding everything today’s society is exposed to through the media, television, the radio, books, and what we ourselves write about. Miller provides numerous wicked and exposing instances of equally violent and intellectual behaviors of present-day culture. The article is meant to open Miller’s audience’s eyes to the evils that are going on due to the influence of elements surrounding the observances of today’s easily swayed mindset. Miller also poses the idea that you don’t always get what you give – using an example of the Columbine High School massacre. Miller also utilizes Christopher McCandless to show just how huge Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild influenced him and caused his imagination to soar – driving him to the point of reaching some fantasyland of complete solitude away from the evils of civilization and eventually leading to his demise. Miller’s portrayal of Martin Amis’ novel The Information gives further credit his ideas that literature is slowly diminishing. Through the use of The Liars Club by Mary Carr, Miller points out that this form of writing can end in harmony as opposed to death. The final example used by Miller is Rene Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy which exemplifies a writer’s major exertions keep truth and fiction apart in order to keep writers’ minds from becoming so cloudy and unsure of what is right and wrong. Miller ends the essay leaving our fate up to ourselves – meaning change can only occur when our society wakes up and decides to enhance the world around

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