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... Stranger As I was expecting, the over the top, just plain ridiculous setting and characters of Batman; The Dark Knight is a pleasant contradiction. The setting, the villains, the film in its entirety is so real one can be totally engulfed. The ability to create a movie worth watching can be shown through an interesting storyline, amazing acting, and the ability to make visual effects worthwhile. Christopher Nolan, a very talented director, has adapted the storyline of Batman to a plausible plot. Aside the intraspective theme, the portrayal of a malicious character is what can make a movie great. Heath Ledger, a skilled method actor, dives into his various roles head first. Actors who can react to computer generated images (CGI) and live effects truly shows the imagination of the actor. The obvious is how dark this movie is; what does it really mean to be a hero? There is no doubt The Joker is a true villain. The methodology of The Joker is one of interest. A man, who you can assume is abusing some sort of drug, with constant facial ticks and licking of lips that are lizard like. The one goal of the Joker is to plunge Gotham into anarchy; he wants the Batman to break his one rule. Bruce Wayne, or Batman, is a millionaire orphan who roams Gotham protecting its people behind a mask. Bruce has always felt that he could never be the true hero of Gotham. Gotham needed the face of Harvey Dent. Harvey the district attorney of Gotham, single handedly locks up every thug in a single trial. A line from Harvey himself even states, “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” The single quote wraps up the entire theme of the movie in those simple words. Though Nolan did not write the plot, he took it and made it his own. Previously director Tim burton had made an attempt on the Batman series himself, however nowhere near as successful

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