Dark Ages Essay

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There are so many books, written about this epoch, so many scientists, who still argue about different events, individuals and just simple facts, whether they took place then or not. This age in the history is called Medieval, Middle, but the best description is Dark, because sometimes it seems that this part of our civilization’s development is the one people are not very proud of. But it doesn’t concern industry or technology. It seems that time did not run then as fast as now, but the history chain is like a spiral. Many suffered throughout this period known as the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages consists of a period of intellectual darkness and economic regression that occurred in Europe following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The period was considered dark due to its lack of civilization and intellectuals which was replaced by feudalism and religious dominance. During the Dark Ages people were not able to read or write. They were told not to think and if they ever did they would be punished for not following the rules. The urban population declined sharply during this period due to the lack of authority to protect the citizens of the cities. The barbarians were invading and destroying buildings and arts. The Dark Ages was a difficult period in the story of humanity. The barbarians were any tribe or group who came from outside bounds of the Old Roman Empire and had not been civilized. They generally did not shave which how they were called the barbarians. Much of the Roman built up was destroy such as all the libraries were destroyed. Due to everything being destroyed by the barbarians the population decreased. Many left and others lives were taken away. Throughout this period there was no writing or reading. Everything was at a lost with education such as reading, writing, math, and etc. During this period it was very difficult for the

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