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English 101 Ticket #1216 Research Paper July 22, 2014 Cold-Blooded The story of Drasius Kedys is frightening and almost impossible to believe, but it’s true. It concerns a little girl, only four years old, who was allegedly abused by a ring of pedophiles with high positions in the Lithuanian governments. It all started in 2007 when Drasius Kedys discovered that his daughter had been sexually abused by three persons on a number of occasions during the time she was in the care of her mother, Laimute Stankunaite. Kedys videotaped the girl as she explained in detail how the alleged abuse occurred. The testimony led him to three names: Judge Jonas Furmanavicus, businessman Andrius Osas and Aidis. At first, Kedys tried fighting for justice the supposedly correct and legal way. He went to the police, contacted child services, and appealed to state prosecutors; however, the Lithuanian authorities continually ignored and rejected his accusations. That was the only legal way he believed he could stop the abusers. Tragically, the only option kedys had was to kill Judge Furmanavicus and Violeta Naruseciciene, sister of Laimute, in cold blood. Even though two people whether they are innocent or not got murdered because of Keyds’s revenge, people from the world praise him as a national hero after listen to Keyds’s story and last words from Youtube, “I’ll fight til the end”. The story of Kedys is a fabulous topic to be made into either a movie or a novel because it thrives from corruption in politics, social influence, and vigilante justice. The country of Lithuania was shocked by exposure of corruption in its government.. Park 2 people became concern about the children who should be protected under the law. People realized there are problems how the law is enforced against the case that is related to pedophiles. Npoekta, Lithuanian

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