Dario Fo; Can't Pay Won't Pay Essay

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Dario Fo Through Dario Fo’s plays he becomes both the people’s entertainer and the people’s spokesman. Dario Fo was raised in a middle-class family in northern Italy, a place where storytelling was a very prominent activity, past-time and part of the culture. Despite the poorness of his upbringing Dario Fo rose to the very top and became a huge success. He was an actor, playwright, director and even won a nobel prize for his work in literature. One of Fo’s most known works is “Can’t pay won’t pay!” in which he uses Farce and other dramatic conventions to influence and motivate the audience about contemporary issues. As Fo’s work gained popularity he became not only a source of entertainment for people but a spokesperson in which he brought up matters that affected the society around him. Fo uses Farce as a dramatic weapon which influences and motivates the audience while educating them about contemporary matters. This is seen in the famous play “can’t pay won’t pay!” in which farce is used to expose the corruption of the government and how the working-class families are being unrightfully ripped off by the higher authorities. This is mainly presented through the character of Giovanni who symbolises the common people and is used by Fo to relate to the audience and make them reflect upon themselves. Throughout my study of the play it has become obvious that Giovanni is presented as a naive character, he has strong morals and refuses to break them. But these morals are useless when he himself is being stolen from. He refuses to steal but the government steals from him and when he finally realises that the government is corrupt he has already been screwed over. Fo presents the idea that being honest with a dishonest government gets you nowhere but broke. Playing Luigi in a scene with Giovanni helped me to realise that Giovanni became stuck on a certain idea in

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