Dare to Challenge Dairy Essay

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Currently American citizens are unhealthy due to many factors - one of which is the direct effect of a poor diet. Dairy has become a staple in America’s diet. What would you think if I slid a tall glass of ice cold milk in front of you? Would you think, “Ah the drink of strength, of strong bones and a healthy start to my day, the symbol of longevity and American fortitude.” or would you think, “Why is it hardwired into America’s mind that if you do not drink milk regularly your bones will become as brittle as a candy cane? If I do not drink my milk what on earth will happen to me?” Well I am in the minority and chose the second string of thoughts. Milk has a long track record of being a necessity of health for centuries. Our parents do not let us leave the table until we finish our milk, and a carton of milk has become as much a refrigerator staple as ice cubes in the freezer. There has recently been more research exploring the conflict of the possible dairy industries’ statements and qualifiers both literal and subliminal in relation to their products. The dairy industry has successfully branded (in both meanings of the word) false premises into people around the world by implementing consistent marketing and subliminally making us believe if you do not “Got Milk” you got a problem. Through this they are making a huge gross profit off of inflating the consumers’ minds and in the latter the industry itself into more than it should be, all the while with a smile on their face. It is time to shed some light on the truth of the Dairy Industry. There is more to milk than strong bones, and a white mustache. The human dependence and need for dairy products are in reality a mass-industry-fabricated fallacy - detrimental to human health, contributing to the acquisition of diseases found in societies who consume dairy products. Some people may have already thrown

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