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1. D.A.R.E Report I love the D.A.R.E program! The D.A.R.E program is a good teaching tool and gives students a positive outlook on school and saying no to drugs. It has helped me to clear the path to a bright outlook on life and I have learned so much. This program and many people in my life have inspired me to stay drug free. I have learned to be strong and just say “No” when pressured about taking drugs. It is very important to me to be drug free to keep my mind and body strong. So many people have encouraged me not to take drugs. This program has re-enforced my confidence level so I know I will make the right choices. My Grandpa smokes cigarettes, but that does not mean that he is mean or rude, just that he made one wrong choice in his life. That also does not mean that I have to make the same bad choice he did. I choose not to smoke cigarettes because I know what harm the poisons they have in them will do to my body. My parents do not smoke or take drugs. I look up to them and they are my role models. I have also surrounded myself…show more content…
The main thing I have learned is to be confident. In being confident I have learned to speak clearly and most important stay calm. I know I must stand up for my rights and for what I believe is right. There are many different peer pressure situations I will find myself in and I will use these techniques I have learned to make my way through them. Some of the ways I can stay in charge in these situations are just to avoid the situation all together, have a group of friends that have the same beliefs about drug use as I do, make fun of the situation and give them reasons why I would never choose to do drugs and most important I think is to always say “NO”. I think with all these techniques I have learned and practiced I with be successful in peer pressure
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