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Drugs can affect your life in many ways. For example, my dad had a friend who was an alcoholic and my dad fired him. DARE is a great program which helps kids learn about drugs and alcohol so that we can hopefully avoid losing jobs in the future. DARE means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. DARE taught us why kids do drugs and how they get them. We also learned about stress, peer pressure, and self esteem. DARE helps kids understand and stay away from drugs. For example, Officer Chip taught us what drugs like marijuana can do to you. Marijuana makes you lose brain cells. Marijuana is a gateway drug; it leads you to other, more dangerous drugs. I liked DARE because we did some fun things like looking at examples and saying no to peer pressure. I also liked DARE because Officer Chip said some pretty funny things. Did you know that there are 1.3 million marijuana users between the ages 12-17 years old and that there are 1.8 million illegal drug users from ages 12-17 years old only in the United States? You're probably wondering how kids get them or why they do them. Kids get them by stealing them or stealing money to buy them from people off the street. Kids do drugs because they have low self esteem and feel bad about themselves. They also might have a high level of stress which can lead to drug abuse. I learned many things in DARE, like the eight ways to say no. My favorite way to say no is the "Giving an Excuse or Reason." For example, if someone asked you "Would you like a beer?" you could say "No thanks. I don't drink beer." We also learned about Response Styles. Response Styles are how you respond to offers of drugs. Some examples are being unsure- when you look nervous, and being confident-when you are sure of yourself. Officer Chip also taught us how to deal with stress. To deal with stress you could play sports, take a walk, or listen to music. In conclusion,

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