Daphnia's Heart Rate Lab Report

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Daphnia Heartbeat Solutions Investigative Question: Will a Daphnia’s heart beat slow down or speed up when put into caffeine solution? Hypothesis: I think that the Daphnia’s heart beat rate will increase if you place it into caffeine because caffeine gives helps you keep stay awake. Drawing: Procedure: Step One: Gather your materials Step Two: Fill up two cups with water and using a large pipette, get 3 water fleas from its container and place them into one of the cups. Step Three: Using a pipette carefully move one daphnia and put it in a cavity slide. Drop Two drops of water on top of the daphnia. Step Four: Place a cover slip over the flea, this is the control group.…show more content…
The daphnia’s heart rate went up a lot and that was because of the caffeine. The experimental set-up was effective because, there was a control and experimental group. Everything was carefully done so my data was as accurate as a I could have possibly made it. Also its clear to see what the control group was versus the experimental group. I have concluded that caffeine can keep a person awake because it speeds up your heart rate. Caffeine is a powerful chemical that can greatly affect your heart rate as it did to the daphnia. The most difficult part of the investigation was the fact that the water fleas died very easily and this made it so I killed 1 flea, although I was very careful. The flea was also very small and I could not see it at times when I needed to get it out of the water. Everything else went great. If I could do this experiment over I would probably use nicotine solution instead of caffeine, just to see what it would do to the heart rate. My teacher once again did an excellent job instructing us through this lab and it turned out very well. If he did have to change one thing, he could change the type of organism used for the

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