Daphnia Essay

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AP U.S HISTOY UNIT 2 EXAM The factors that influence the late 17th century shift in the predominant labor system of the southern colonies was that before the black slaves there was indentured white servants from Europa that came seeking work but did not get what they expected. The white masters was not happy with this type of slave because it was on a contract and he has to pay the servant and at the end of the contract the white master had to give land and good to the free servant. They had no chance because the black slave cost a lot and the white slaves were easier to get. But than when more black slaves were here and cheaper than the white ones they change now they had people working for them for ever... The white servants were only going to work for a certain time period. The black slaves forever until they die. Most of the black slaves died almost at the time they arrive in the ports. The white servants got mad because at the end they did not get what they were processed. The white salves had to work for there white masters. They can’t afford to live with out it. The endangered servants tried to make a rebellion starting with Mr. Bacon. They almost made it but he died. So England crushes them. But Mr. Bacon Did not die in vain because people and more people started rebelling to. In Africa the tribes in the cost made a lot of money kidnapping persons and then selling them to the merchants that wanted them. When the English man came to the American there interaction with the natives was very different than those of the Spanish. The English men thought that the native Indies was savages but still let the native help the English people with how to fish and how to grow plants. And at the end then were just in the way, so they killed a lot of indigenes because of this. When the Spanish came to the southern Americas the first impression they had for the

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