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Team 2 Per. 5 AP World History Our topic is Daoism is better than Confucianism. Daoism is better than Confucianism because it allows you to pay attention to yourself instead of everyone in society, as opposed to Confucianism which is a very social way of life. People would have the opportunity to understand the Dao, or the ultimate truth, the De, having morality, virtue and integrity, and immortality through meditation, elixirs and breathing. Another reason why we believe Daoism to be better than Confucianism is they believe the ideal government should rule by using measures of correction, for example weapons of war may be used with crafty dexterity. However, the kingdom makes its own freedom from action and purpose. The final reason we believe Daoism is better than Confucianism is the focus on nature and natural images. Several examples: For Daoists, the path of water down a mountainside, following the route of least resistance without being told or forced, exemplifies Ziran, or spontaneous naturality. Daoists believed that by relaxing and allowing events to take their course everything will eventually fall into place, which is “Wu wei er bu wei” by doing nothing everything will be done. Finally, yang and qi played a major part in Daoism. Yin and yang forces is the movement of water, clouds and wind, a constantly shifting organic balance, both the Earth and sky manifest the movement of the mysterious energy-substance qi. To recap, Daoism is better than Confucianism because of the focus on yourself, their ideal government, and their focus on
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