Dante's Inferno Punishment

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Punishment or just reward When we die are we really punished or do we get what we deserved? If during life we held nothing dear and just went with the crowd would it really be a punishment to be blown back and forth even if that is what we did during life? For those that committed adultery in life or betrayed their country in Hell they would be doing just what they did in life. Francesca and Paulo committed adultery in their life. When Dante saw them in the circle of lust he said, “I would like, with all my heart, to speak to those two there who move together and seem to be so light upon the winds.” The two lovers are but shades of who they were in life, to be blown around to wherever the wind takes them. Francesca is the one who speaks to Dante and Virgil while Paulo weeps beside her. “Love, that excuses no one loved from loving, seized me so strongly with delight in him that, as you see, he never leaves my side.” Paulo never leaves Francesca and always weeps since he betrayed his own brother, the one who should obey the older brother and not steal away that which was his. Francesca is to go through the rest of the afterlife always by Paulo’s side since she betrayed her husband, the only one that she is supposed to be loyal to and lie with. They are to…show more content…
For the rest of eternity Ugolino is to eat the head of Ruggieri since Ruggieri starved both Ugolino and his family, thus killing all. Ugolino watched his family die, “There he died. Just as you see me here, I saw the other three fall one by one, as the fifth day and the sixth day passed.” Ugolino went blind in the tower that he was locked in before hunger proved greater then grief. He feed upon his dead children in his hunger and thus in death he eats the skull of the one who betrayed him in life. For the betrayal that Ruggieri committed in life, he has his skull eaten for all eternity by the one he betrayed and should have
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