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The Inferno Paper In the Inferno, Dante uses storytelling techniques. These techniques are used to tell the story of a journey through hell. The twenty-third Canto includes tons of these techniques. The techniques include: details that reveal characters, pictorial description, and epic simile. These techniques make The Inferno great book in literature. Dante also uses themes to tell his journey. These themes give ideas about the culture during this time. Dante uses themes such as the importance of punishment, the importance of the church, and the consequences of sin. Dante reveals these techniques and themes constantly in The Inferno. In the twenty-third Canto specifically, tons of examples come up to how he uses these writing techniques and themes. One of the technique’s used in The Inferno is the details revealing characters. Details revealing characters is important to giving the reader a way to really get to know the characters, and even grow feelings for a character. Negative or positive the feelings get the reader involved in the story. Dantes character is supposed to show no emotion in his journey, he is thought to show no bias but only what he encounters on his journey. He does so with descriptions of each sinner he comes into contact with and the sinners’ punishment. But in Canto 23 he is human and does show some feelings. In line 104, he says “O friars, your evil”, this shows his dislike for the friars. He calls them “evil”, so this shows his dislike for people who are supposed to be of God. He does however stop himself from saying anymore, for then he saw one pinned down to the floor and held his tongue. In lines 3-8, he interprets the story of the Greek animal fable of the mouse and frog. This fable is about a mouse who seeks to cross a river and is taken by a frog, but the frog has the intension to kill the mouse by submersing the mouse. Then a bird

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