Dante's Inferno Religious Conflict

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Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno stirs up much conflict concerning the Divine Justice, Grace, and Love of God. With all the cruel punishment being received by sinners all though out hell, many question the mercy of God that is being preached. But those skeptics refuse to accept that every human was warned of the consequences that would result from their actions before they ever even thought about committing that sin. Not only that, but they are also given a chance to repent and find their way back to the right path, but they refused to. Therefore as they step out of this world, which many claim as cruel, they enter into a true living hell in which they are doomed for eternity. All punishment given to the sinners in hell according to Dante seem perfectly reasonable. For example all the fortune tellers and people who tried to see into the future and refused to acknowledge what they had right in front of them, had their heads turned around so that they will always see behind and may never again see what they have in front of them like they did so during their life. Many would say ' how can a God that is claimed to be so merciful torture people in such a way?', and others would mindlessly agree. Sadly those who question the Mercy of God refuse to look at things in a different perspective. They refuse to see it in such a manner that would make the sinners appear to be the ones at fault. They deny the choice, freewill, and the knowledge that is given to every human allowing them to know what's right from what's wrong, and to make their own decisions throughout life, knowing the consequences and punishments that will be given in return. Instead, they chose to hide under the shade of ignorance and pity and refuse to step out of it and into the marvelous sunlight in which they are granted a new start and a new chance to save their souls from the everlasting pain.

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