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The inferno: Dante In the Divine comedy, Dante who was so in love with his beloved Beatrice that he was willing to go through the nine circle of hell not knowing the faith of his outcome. D Upon entering the gates of hell there in scripted read “abandon all hope, you who enter here” On Dante’s journey he was rescued by Virgil who claim that he was sent by Beatrice the great love of Dante, to guide him through the obstacles he was about to face by going through nine circle of hell. Virgil whom was chosen by Beatrice because she felt they both had where writers, and a poets. Virgil who is more than a guider and lecture he tries to scare some sense into Dante by provoking every guarding of hell they encounter a lesson. . He doesn’t stop Dante from arguing with sinners or sympathizing with them, though he obviously disapproves of the latter. He is patient with his naive pupil and only begins reprimanding him in the later circles. In Dante’s inferno, each Circle is different penalties to pay but it is for sure that each forbidden soul in the Inferno will live forever in eternal suffering. . The weakness sins, for example controlling one's desires and natural urges the first- fifth circle (lust) was for the unbaptized or without Christianity because they do not accept Christ. They are simply punished because of the fact that they will never be saved. In this circle this souls will be judged by Minos who will send each one of the sinners to the level out of the nine in which they belong. Lust is another sin the appears to be weak according the inferno which are the ones who are truly punished first which Dante see Helen of troy, Achilles and Tristan because they were overcome be their emotion of love. The third circle is gluttony which is where the cold, selfish, and empty sensuality of their lives is held and in the fourth circle there lays greed where plutus the god of

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