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Dante’s Inferno Canto’s XXV-XXVI Canto 25- Sin- Theft Punishment- Serpent’s or snakes bite thief and thief will have to reborn itself (like a phoenix) New Characters: Fucci- thief from Florence and Cacus- dragon like centaur who is upset with Dante’s presence. Famous modern person who committed sin- Berney Madolf (Ponsei Scheme) Summary: Cursing to God with gestures, Fucci flees with serpents coiling around him, and Dante now revolts at the sight. Moving further along the circle, he and Virgil come to an even more incredible scene. Three souls cluster just beneath them, and a giant, six-footed serpent wraps itself so tightly around one of them that its form merges with that of its victim; the serpent and soul become a single creature. As the other souls watch in horror, another reptile bites one of them in the belly. The soul and the reptile stare at each other, transfixed, as the reptile slowly takes on the characteristics of the man and the man takes on those of the reptile. Soon they have entirely transformed into their forms. Canto 26- Sin- fraudulent rhetoric (SERIOUS FRAUD) Punishment: Sinners is engulfed in a flame New Characters AND Famous person- Ulysses and Diomedes. Part of Trojan war and died at sea but stole a lot of important things. Summary: Having recognized these thieves as Florentines, Dante sarcastically praises Florence for earning such widespread fame not only on Earth but also in Hell. Virgil now leads him along the ridges to the Eighth Pouch, where they see numerous flames flickering in a deep, dark valley. Coming closer, Virgil informs Dante that each flame contains a sinner. Dante sees what appear to be two souls contained together in one flame, and Virgil identifies them as Ulysses and Diomedes, both suffering for the same fraud committed in the Trojan War. Dante desires to speak with these people, but Virgil, warning him that

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