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Dante Alighieri BACKGROUND * ITALIAN poet born in FLORENCE, ITALY * Born MAY, 1265 * Mother - DONNA GABRIELLA degli ABATI Father - ALIGHIERO di BELLINCIONE ALIGHIERI * Married GEMMA DONATI whom he had 4 children with, JACOPO, PIETRO, GIOVANNI, ANTONIA * Dante is also a physician, soldier, and politician * JANUARY 27, 1302, Dante was exiled from Florence after being accused of selling political posts. He was threatened to be burned alive if he ever returned. * He died in 1321 due to MALARIA WORKS * THE NEW LIFE He dedicated this autobiography to BEATRICE PORTINARI after her death in 1290. Apparantly, Dante and Beatrice met when they were children and it is said that Dante worshipped Beatrice, however he entered an arranged marriage with GEMMA DONATI. * THE DIVINE COMEDY An epic poem divided into three parts: HELL, PURGATORY, PARADISO Describes Dante’s travels through HELL, PURGATORY, and HEAVEN STRUCTURE Has 14,233 lines, divided into three canticas, each consisting of 33 cantos The divine comedy can be described simply as an allegory. The poem may contain many alternative meanings. The poem structure is complex. It has different characteristics: - Mathematical and numerical patterns which relates to the 3 canticas, specifically numbers 3& 9 - Human like qualities to its characters - Dante’s use of real life characters - Dante’s criticism of Florentine and Italian politics The poem is called a comedy because it has a happy ending OTHER WORKS - De Monarchia ( On Monarchy) – Dante’s view on the relationship between the Church and the Empire - De Vulgari Eloquentia – Dante’s view on the use of vernacular poetry - Convivio (The Banquet) – Dante’s view on politics WRITING STYLE - Dante follows allegoric writing in which he uses characters and events to symbolize ides about human life,

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