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Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri was born in May or June 1265 in the Italian city state of Florence to a noble but impoverished family. The son of a money lender by the name of Alighieri di Bellicone d’ Alighieri his family was descendants of the city’s Roman founders who supported the Guleph party which opposed the Ghibellines, and their German allies. Little is known about Dante’s early life. The only clue to his birth comes from his writing in Paradiso where he states he was born when the sun was in Gemini. This puts his birth date sometime between the 18th of May and the 17th of June. His baptismal name was originally Durante, but was later changed to Dante. His mother was a woman by the name of Bella who died when her son was six. His marriage was arranged by his father in 1277 to a woman by the name of Gemma de Manetto Donati from a far nobler family. The wedding took place in 1285; the marriage was fruitful and produced 4 children, 3 sons, and a daughter. The daughter named Antonia who later assumed the name Beatrice when she became a nun. And notably 2 sons, one named Jacopo who later wrote a commentary on the Inferno in Italian, and Pietro who later wrote a commentary in Latin on the entire Commedia later he would become a judge, and on at least one occasion perform a vernacular verse summary of the poem in what would become the city’s Piazza di Dante. However strongly attached Dante was to his wife and children the one person who made all the difference in his life was a woman named Bice Portinari, also known as the character Beatrice in the Commedia. According to the Vita Nuova an almost 9 year old Dante first saw first saw her on May day 1274 When she was roughly the same age. Afterwards Dante is forever transfixed by her, and she appears in his writings after. In 1289 Dante fought in the cavalry for Florence. Beatrice later died the

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