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Dante Alighieri and Politics Often times a writer’s works are directly influenced by his or her personal beliefs and experiences. This serves true in the writings of Dante Alighieri. In many of Dante’s works he discusses the Catholic Church, morality and politics. Some may argue that his primary focus in his works is morality. However, he generally mentions the morality of a matter when it is associated with a political affair. Others may argue that his chief focus in his works is the Catholic Church. Yet, Dante discusses the affairs of the Catholic Church when he is correlating it with a political matter. Consequently, Dante is most heavily focused on political matters. Dante was deeply involved in the political arena in Florence, Italy. Dante was first a soldier and afterward decided to become a politician. His involvement in politics greatly influenced his thinking as a writer and philosopher. He expressed many of his thoughts on the decency of political affairs and politicians in his epic poems and essays. The voice of his works speaks loud and clear on his view of monarchy and a one world government. In Dante’s epic poems and essays he discusses the Catholic Church and morality, however his primary focus is Italian politics based on De Monarchia, the Divine Comedy: Inferno, and the Divine Comedy: Purgatorio. In De Monarchia, Dante is exuberant in expressing his feelings towards the Catholic Church’s involvement in politics. His feelings are not of those who favor the oneness of Church and state. In De Monarchia Dante states “but before the Church existed, or while it lacked power to act, the Empire had active force in full measure. Hence the Church is the source neither of acting power nor of authority in the Empire, where power to act and authority are identical” (Monarchia, XIII). Dante’s thoughts on the Church’s involvement in

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