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Dante Alighieri was the greatest Italian poet and one of the most important European writers. Dante live through the years of 1265 – 1321. He has a very unique way of writing and started his works at the age of 35. Dante wrote La Divina Comedia based on the era he live through and all the knowledge of his lifetime was imbedded in his works. In this specific work he writes about a journey which he wishes to better understand the afterlife receive his salvation. Throughout his journey Virgil was his guide and taught him all about the nine circles of hell and the punishments that the sinners received in each circle. Dante was a very powerful writer and his writing has many significant symbols to many different objects. This story is very complex and interesting to read and understand each different canto. After Dante exits hell with his guide Virgil, he arrives into Purgatory. Purgatory is the in between where Dante sees sinners being punished. Each sin has a different punishment depending on the sin. Purgatory is a place where sinners temporarily get punished in order to purify themselves and be ready for heaven. There these people learn the mistakes they have made and realize the seriousness of their sins and prepare to enter heaven/paradise. Virgil guides Dante throughout purgatory and leads him to paradise where Beatrice will be there to guide him to salvation. A very important character of the Divine Comedy is Virgil. Virgil is Dante’s guide throughout Purgatory. Virgil is a very helpful guide and is a poet whom Dante looked up to. Virgil symbolized human reason and taught Dante everything he knows about the inferno and purgatory. Virgil is in the first realm of hell, limbo. He is in limbo because he is a pagan and was never baptized. Virgil takes Dante through each circle and describes each circle, the reason people

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