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Eleanor M. Fondren Mr. Baker World Literature I 16 March 2014 Two Interpretations of Hell I found Dante’s Inferno quite interesting in contrast with Revelations. It was quite interesting with the several different stages of hell; I find it quite different from the Christian version where John the apostle was exiled to Patmos in comparison with Dante being exiled from Florence. I actually thought there was some comparison in both of the Journeys but extensively different accounts of hell. My personal belief was that Dante experience was more of a personal Journey rather than that of John’s experience that seem to be a cosmic conflict that was more accepted by today’s Christian society. In Dante’s Inferno his account of hell was more of a Counter Punishment, the levels of sin was sufficient to the punishment. The worst of sin would require a harsher punishment in hell, going even as far as being eating by Satin himself repetitiously. There was no Armageddon, war, also no cosmic conflict as in Revelation. The only punishment was given to each individual according to their crime or sin. In Dante’s Inferno all of the punishment took place inside of the Cantos, however; in Revelations punishment was given to those still on earth. There was no divine intervention unlike in Revelations where angles came to help save humans who were saved. This seemed to be Dante’s on personal journey sometime encountering people whom he had conflict with in his past. In comparison with Revelations this journey described terrible beast, horrible disfigurements, and very painful punishment; which is something to scare a person into obeying God. I would say it would be very similar to John’s version of Revelations which was also a warning to its readers. Both were intended to offer hope to the intended readers. They have very similar plots, but just different accounts of their

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