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Rümeysa Gülesin 10821011 Dr. Tekcan LIT 304 20.04.11 Dante in Love Dante is a man of love, who had many love affairs with women other than his wife Gemma. But as far as we know, it's Beatrice whom he passionately bounded and who leads his intellectual world. His love for her never decreases and in the darkest, most cynical periods of his life, shelters Dante. In his first book Vita Nuova he praises and exalts her to an angelic status and promises to say words for her that is never said for anyone and that he keeps in Divina Commedia. Being a man that is so driven by love, it would be quite interesting to trace how he manifests the concept of love in his work. Unlike many allegories, in Dante's commedia all the characters are real people who stand for the inner quality they embodied in life. Beatrice who died at young age has a powerful effect on Dante, and he sees her as a revelation of the glory of God, sent to draw him to God. In Canto 2, she is adressed as "You, Beatrice, true praise of God" by St. Lucia. For Dante, she embodies Divine Grace and reveals God's love to us in a way human reason on its own could never reach. That's how we come across the concept of Love for the first time in Divina Commedia; earthly love that leads to divine love. Love is examined especially in the Canto 5, in which Dante enters the second circle of Hell, where the lustful are endlessly and hopelessly tormented. When encountered with a long line of spirits, he asks Virgil of them and and is told about those “more than a thousand shades departed from our life because of love”, among which are Semiramis who was so perverse that she made the vice of incest a legal practice, Dido who killed herself for her abandoning lover though she promised to remain faithful to her husband, Cleopatra, Achilles, Tristan; all famous lovers, “carnal sinners who subordinate reason to

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