Dansko Puts Its Right Foot Forward Essay

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1. Introduction Dansko, founded in 1990 is a US-based comfort shoe company strongly attached to the Danish culture. The heritage of co-founder Peter Kjellerup and the affection for nature and sustainability is deeply rooted in the company’s way of doing business. From a comfortable barn shoe selling to friends and family, Dansko grew into a multinational company with production stretching from China to Italy and a global customer base. Over the years, the company has received numerous awards for its exceptional social responsibility and sustainable initiatives such as “Best for Workers” by non-profit organization B Lab, the prestigious LEED® Gold certification for it’s headquarter and distribution centre in Pennsylvania, or the American Podiatric Medical Association (AMPA) certification for companies promoting a healthy foot (Dansko LLC, 2015a). The following paper will in greater detail analyse how the Danish heritage influenced Dansko’s development, review advantages and disadvantages of the employee-ownership program and evaluate if production in China might be harmful to Dansko’s highly social responsible reputation. 2. How did Dansko’s founder Peter Kjellerup’s Danish heritage affect the development of Dansko’s shoe line and its commitment to ethics and social responsibility? Peter Kjellerup’s Danish heritage and background strongly influenced the culture of the company, starting from the name to the commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Sensitivity to the environment, appreciating the limitation of resources and keeping the future in mind are values children in Denmark grow up with; and so did Peter (Doh, 2015). Danish culture promotes equality and tolerance. Delegating responsibility and encouraging employees to participate in the decision-making process is part of their tradition (BusinessCulture.org, 2014). Viewing Denmark’s results

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