Danshui Plant No.2, Brief Cases Essay

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Third AIMS International Conference on Management January 1-4, 2006 Exploring the Role of Individual’s Attitude in the HR-Organization Performance Linkage Process Ramkumar, N., PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore ram_mba_stc@yahoo.co.in Krishnaveni, R., PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore kegi_4@yahoo.com There is a growing debate in the corporate arena regarding the level of contribution of the human resource practices to the bottom line of the organization. In line with this, researchers have conducted numerous studies to demonstrate the positive association between HR and performance and provide encouragement to the HR professionals with their empirical results. The present paper makes a critical analysis of such literature and adds value to the concept. Although such strong relationship exists, the mediating or intervening variable in the process was not dealt with. This review based work identifies the intervening variable and provides a convincing evidence and explanation to the linkage process. The theoretical background for a new direction in the HR-performance linkage research is put forth to the researchers associated in this field. Keywords: Human Resource Practices, Organizational Performance, Organizational Commitment. 1. Introduction Today across the globe, it is widely accepted that organization success depends on its people. It is clear that human capital and intellect drive business growth. Over the years, the profession of HR has developed around the assumption that human resource practices directly affect organizational performance. Their role is evolving with the change in competitive market environment and the realization that HR must play a strategic role in the success of the organization. If HR wants to play a strategic role in organizations it needs to develop its ability to measure how human capital decisions affect the

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