"Danonizing” the Bolshevik Biscuit Factory

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1. What are the specific characteristics of traditional Soviet management systems and leadership that still prevail at the Bolshevik biscuit factory? One very first evidence of the Communist past is the name of Bolshevik Biscuit factory, which retained, although the political system was changed. Nevertheless that the name reminds of the Bolsheviks, according to results of marketing tests, it is widely recognized and thus beneficial for the enterprise. However, it is not only the traditional name but also reminiscences of the Soviet management systems and leadership that still prevail at the Bolshevik biscuit factory. Firstly, the management remained typical of a Soviet enterprise operating under the command- planned economy, which involves meeting one goal - The Plan. A further consequence of this system that is still to be encountered is the peculiar system of controlling both subordinates and production process. Moreover, it is also the paternalistic and authoritarian top management’s style that still reminds of the Soviet system. The most important manager is tend to be a “self-made” bosses alike Oleg Shimanov. Such a managerial style involves distrust of the subordinate, vigilant supervision, intimidation and power hoarding. What is said to have remained is “tension at the top layers, and worry at the bottom”. On the other hand, one very positive reminiscence of the former style is that the employees are able to keep the outdated and decrepit machinery running, as well as to establish creative networks were necessary to meet quotas and ensure production. This is an interesting characteristic due to the fact that they are not at all committed and involved into the managerial process. 2. What are the main issues to be addressed by those who want to change them, to modernize the company and move the company closer to Danone standards? Danone’s key priorities are
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